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About Easy Checks PR

Easy Checks PR has become the premier independent payroll processing company in Puerto Rico. It currently processes payroll for more than 100 clients in Puerto Rico and in 10 states in the U.S. All this thanks to the companies birth in 2005. Raymond Erb, the Supreme Leader, created Easy Checks PR after clients requested options in the Outsourced Payroll Market in Puerto Rico.

The First Client at Easy Checks PR

The company took their first client in January of 2006 just as a recession was gripping Puerto Rico.

Customer Support

Easy Checks PR is attractive because of our low rates. Better yet, what seduces the most is our high level of customer support. We value your time and the opportunity they give us to be at your service so you may focus on what truly matters to you in your business.

Payroll Software

Our payroll runs on Millennium “M3”, the most powerful payroll and human resource software on the market today. Needless to say, we continue to optimize the software as it updates periodically for excellent performance.

T & A

For Time and Attendance, our clients can choose from the Basic T & A , and for larger clients we have the Enterprise T & A option. Furthermore, we are currently transitioning to a more advanced software to provide our clients with the best T & A options. Please stay tuned for further communication on Timeworks Plus, Swipeclock, and Payentry.

Web Based

Our products are all web based. They work with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and other browsers so you can work from anywhere.

Contact Easy Checks PR

Lastly, Easy Checks PR adamantly provides you, our client, a safe system with quality products and responsive customer service. Therefore, if you have any questions about our products or services don’t hesitate to contact us.


Easy Checks PR | Meet Our Staff

Supreme Leader

Raymond J. Erb





Tax Specialist

Elizabeth Lugo





IT Manager and Time & Attendance Specialist

Manuel A. Martínez





Payroll Manager

Paola Sánchez Barreras 





Technical Representative

Gabriel Reilly





Onboarding Specialist

Javier Arango






Administrative Assistant

Karol Mary Oviedo




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