Mid-Sized Companies in Puerto Rico and the US Onsite Payroll Problems

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Mid-Sized Companies in Puerto Rico and the US

Onsite Payroll Problems


✓ Do not have the adequate payroll programs for your business?

✓ Do not have up-to-date tax calculations?


Managing your payroll onsite has various issues that affect productivity and profits.

The cost of administering payroll

Payroll involves making reports, auditing, filing taxes and updates. There are monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. Also these need to be checked and audited, as well as the payrolls. Employer taxes need to be filed correctly and on time. Easy Checks can help with all these aspects of payroll management. By outsourcing payroll your employees can concentrate on the business and forget these administrative burdens


Managing absence and time records

Tracking employee absence, overtime and leave can be costly, time consuming and ineffective. There is the cost of over and under scheduling employees. How about a system that alerts you when your employees are close to overtime and helps manage the employee schedule? We offer payroll solutions to effectively track employee time and absence.

Taxes and laws

Keeping yourself up to date on the latest tax reform or employee related law can be challenging. Even more so if the company works in different states or countries.  Leave this to the professionals outsourcing your payroll. Have Easy Checks audit this process to ensure law compliance and be penalty free.

IT Support

There is a need for virtual security and also for knowledgeable and trained employees. Companies handle a lot of sensitive information. Easy Checks knows how to handle this information and keep it secure. We also have the knowledgeable and trained professionals you need. This will be explained further in the next blog.


Payroll can be difficult. We make it easy!

By outsourcing payroll, you eliminate these problems.


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