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Payroll Services

We prepare payroll checks and direct deposits and deliver reports to you: 
  • Payroll Register with YTD earnings and Tax breakdown
  • Employee Earnings report
  • Tax Liability report
  • New Hire report
  • Choose from over 100 other standard reports
 Each Quarter we prepare additional reports:
  • 941 Quarterly return
  • State Unemployment Insurance return
  • Federal Unemployment Insurance return
  • Any local tax filings required
  • Copies of all filings
At year-end we prepare:
  • Employee W2 and 499 (1099) forms
  • Employer's W-2's and 499's (1099s)
  • W-3 transmittal to Federal government
  • 940 Federal Unemployment Insurance return
  • Copies of all filings
 Earnings and Deductions:
  • You can setup an unlimited number of Earning or Deduction types
  • Each Earning or Deduction can be associated with Department or Job Codes
Direct Deposit:
  • We manage the direct deposit transactions
  • Employees can have unlimited number of accounts and percentages
Tax Filing:
  • You will never have to talk with the IRS, Dept. of Labor or Hacienda again
  • We prepare and file all quarterlies and if a problem ever arises, we take care of it.

Easy Time & Labor


Finally, an affordable option to manage your most valuable resources.


Easy Time and Labor is so easy you'll wish you'd been using it for years.


Your employees simply touch the fingerprint reader and they are clocked in or out.  

Our system sends automatic notices if an employee misses a punch, so there's no figuring out a week later why the employee was late or absent.


Fill our contact form for a demo, or try yourself here. Enter ONLINE as ID and DEMO as password.*Case Sensitive Login ID and Password*.


Enterprise Time and Labor

For larger companies, our Enterprise system handles Scheduling, Supervisor Approvals, Group Rules, various Timesheet Entry options, Customized Reporting, Time Off Requests, Mass Edit of time entries and much more.


Time Clocks

We suggest the Hand Punch time clocks from Schlage. We configure and test the clocks to match your software setup. Then we provide training on all facets of using the system.

These clocks and systems often sell for $3,000 - $10,000 and more in the market, but because of our buying power, we rent them out for a small monthly fee.


We also have more economical fingerprint clocks.

Other Services and Features:


Direct Deposit:

We will run the direct deposit transactions so you spend less time on payroll. Employees can have flat amounts or percentages deposited into their accounts. In addition, employees can deposit specific amounts in different checking accounts.  

Earning and Deduction Codes:

In addition to standard earning and deduction types, you can have an unlimited number of earnings or deduction types.  Each type can be specifically associated with department codes or job codes.

Time-Off Accruals:

We track all your Time-Off Accruals and the balances are always available in the system.


Custom Reporting:

One of our most frequent requests is for custom reports. You can design your own reports, or ask our experts to design more detailed reports for you.

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